Peterborough & District RSCDS Branch
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There are in excess of 18,000 Scottish country dances which have been published in some form, and many more still ‘in the pipeline’. The RSCDS has published or adopted around 10% of these, many of which can be seen on any dance programme anywhere in the world. With this number of dances, the question is always: How do you learn them all? And the answer is: You don’t! You learn the formations from which they are built and then you need only remember the sequence for any particular named dance.   As an aide-memoire on the dance floor, cribs have been devised, and with the internet, these and videos of demonstrations, are freely available to all.
2018-9 CORE LIST
The Branch has adopted a ‘Core List of Dances’ - these are dances which are danced a lot in our area, and ones which are hopefully fairly familiar to most of us and which we enjoy dancing; the aim is that eventually we shall all get to know these dances sufficiently well that they require only a short recap.  Class teachers will be teaching and including these dances on a regular basis so they will become familiar, and dancers should not feel concerned if they do not ‘Know’ every dance on The List. This list, with associated links for cribs and videos will be available on the website, as now, for those who are interested, and who do want to study the cribs, videos, etc., but there is no pressure on anyone; the list is not prescriptive and, during the year you will be taught many other dances as well, so inclusion or otherwise on the List is not an important issue for class members. They will be used as a basis for drawing up Peterborough social dance programmes (e.g. End-of-Term and Summer Socials) and as 'Extras' on our Dance programmes.
Blooms of Bon Accord Duke of Perth Fisherman's Reel The Highland Rambler The Irish Rover J.B. Milne Mairi's Wedding Maxwell's Rant The Montgomeries' Rant Nottingham Lace The Piper & the Penguin Polharrow Burn The Reel of the 51 st  Division
The Rutland Reel Scott Meikle Shiftin' Bobbins Swiss Lassie Tambourine A Trip to Bavaria
JIGS: The Elephant’s Stampede The Hazel Tree Ian Powrie's Farewell to Auchterarder Inchmickery Jennifer’s Jig Jubilee Jig The Kelloholm Jig Mrs Stewart’s Jig Napier's Index Pelorus Jack Seton's Ceilidh Band  The Wild Geese
STRATHSPEYS: The Belle of Bon Accord Butterscotch and Honey Cherrybank Gardens City of Belfast Culla Bay The Dream Catcher Giradet House Macdonald of the Isles The Minister on the Loch Saint Columba's Strathspey The Wind on Loch Fyne
The list is revised on a yearly basis, so please do let the Committee know, as the year progresses, if you wish to suggest any changes. Further information on these dances can be found on the SCD Database at  where there are cribs and links to videos for each dance. To download all the cribs (and diagrams) in one file, click here.
Which are the most ‘popular’ dances, i.e. which dances appear most often on social programmes? In the East Midlands, in the 12 months up to the end of June 2018, The Rutland, our area’s “own” dance by Robert Senior and adopted by the RSCDS in Book 48, was the most popular dance appearing on 16 of the 45 programmes, just nudging City of Belfast, the previous 2-year top runner, into second place which it shared with Mairi’s Wedding. There are few surprises in the top section of the list, with Staircase in Styria and The Spring Fling Reel being the fastest climbers, and the more interesting section contains those appearing from 3 or 4 to 6 times, as these are obviously not “one-night stands” but neither are they the ones which, by the end of the year, most social dancers could say they know well. For more information on this ‘League Table’ of Scottish Dances see The Sunday Class website.